It's not just what you sell. It's what you stand for.

Storytelling is at the heart of what we do – we’re passionate about it.

Through strategy and process management, we plan routes and experiences that forge emotional connections and evoke reactions.

Powerful visual storytelling can inspire and capture attention, cutting across the competition with measurable, trackable results.

The Observatory Studio

The Observatory was founded in 2006 and has evolved into a studio of designers, creatives and thinkers who believe in the importance of taking a thoughtful approach to considered storytelling content. We’ve been lucky enough to work with hundreds of clients who feel the same way and together we’ve built brands, experiences and content that evoke reactions.


Reach people emotionally, and they remember.

We ask ourselves why before we start talking about how. Authentic content that makes real connections.

We see individuals rather than simply audiences and speak to them. When your communications become people to people, you connect in a way that traditional marketing could never achieve.

How we work.

Where your organisation is concerned, we’re outsiders. That’s a good thing. It means we can see things from your audience’s viewpoint.

In-house managers and marketing teams will always make decisions from an inside view, and too many stakeholders can compromise clarity. Put a capable team of storytellers in place with direct access to a few senior in-house people and you’ll get the content your audiences will connect with, remember and want to share.

A good story doesn’t have a shelf life.

Choose the right stories, and you’ll make your audiences want to share them.

Inspiring content lives online, ready to be amplified by future campaigns and creating a legacy that can continue to deliver measurable results.

Unification and diverse expertise

Small teams are best to work on big challenges.

We’re a studio of diverse specialist skills and opportunities that create truly inspirational projects. We’re agile, we have big ideas and we can move into strategic brand thinking, content generation and design from day one.

For clients and agencies, this provides a breadth of service traditionally associated with multiple providers, but with the smart allocation of resources towards a range of flexible, swift and agile abilities dedicated to results.

Our biggest achievement to date is the team around us